Will you pick perfume Dior to take you into the world of perfume

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Do you choose perfume? Dior takes you into the world of perfume. Every woman has her own perfume. Do you know which perfume is best for you? How to choose perfume according to your personality? Let’s see!

Dior, my perfume.

Dior’s true self is a classic Dior family fragrance, it is suitable for every mature female friend. I perfume uses ComoroIslandsCymbidium essential oil, DamascusRose essential oil and Jasminumsambac pure fragrance, soft floral impact intertwined to deduce moving flavor, elegant show the charm of modern women.

Miss Dior, light perfume.

Dior’s lilac fragrance is also soft and floral, but it is more suitable for young women. Its aroma gives a very beautiful feeling, like a girl in the sun, wearing a broken flower dress, in a light smile, green sweet, with a touching flavor, can be said to be sexy and lovely perfume.

Dior, pink charm.

Dior’s pink charm is the Dior charm series fragrance, it is Dior’s chief tuner FransDemachy modulation. The front notes have the scent of orangesandtangerines and grapefruit, followed by the sweet aromas of freesia and floresconvallariae, followed by sandalwood and white musk, which give the perfume a charming soul.

Miss Dior, sweetheart.

Miss Dior Sweetheart is suitable for a young girl who is independent and active, whose fragrance gives you a glimpse of a girl who loves fashion and has a passion in her heart. She laughs, bravely pursues her own dreams, loves and hates them. Freedom and seduction flow slowly in this perfume.

Dior Poison Girl

Dior’s poison girl’s scent is Oriental food, the front is CitrusaurantiumL, the lemon, is MaideGrasse, DamascusRose, and the floresaurantii, is tonkabean, sandal, sweetgrass, almond, balsamoftolu, Kashmiriwood. As its name says, it is a perfume dedicated to rebellious girls, bitter and sweet intertwined, composed of moving beauty.

Dior red perfume

Dior red poison perfume is mysterious oriental fragrance, its smell has a unique and charming oriental flavor, red poison with jasmine pure aroma as the main tone, give a strong female flavor, show the charm of the East.

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