What kind of bag does the high imitation company like the Dior best? These detailed knowledge points teach you quickly to identify authenticity!

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Dior, a famous French luxury brand, has a long history, not only its brand, but also its craft. Whether it is in clothing, leather goods, bags or cosmetics, it is still people trust, pursue. However, the market for fake goods, high imitation in endlessly, here just released a new model, the other side did not take long to start making fake bags. Those who benefit from this will always be those high imitation merchants, and those who suffer losses will always be our consumers. So, how do you avoid this kind of thing as much as possible? Today for you to bring Dior popular Diana bag identification points, should help you avoid 90% of the fake ~

overall appearance

When identifying a luxury bag, the first thing to look at is its overall shape and material. Dior’s Diana bag is mainly made of sheep skin, cow skin and lacquer leather, and the leather will have a light skin fragrance that won’t have a pungent plastic smell. And seams are used cotton thread, texture is very thick, will show a matte sense.

Princess’s surface is the vines, these vines feel very smooth, gently pressed will have a certain amount of resilience. From the side, these vines have a three-dimensional feel, each of which is perfectly symmetrical. The rattan pattern of the high imitation Princess bag is not full, and it is likely to vary in size and size, and it will also be soft and collapsing when pressed. In addition, the vines of the new Princess bag will have no concave protruding.

packet handle

The handle of the Princess bag will have a micro elasticity when pressed, because the handle of the bag is also made of good leather, and will not have the feeling of being hard and hard to press. And the handbag handle can be naturally erected, naturally spread out on both sides will not be 180 °.

new edition

Princess bag has been in the new style, so the old or new is a little different, the new Diana bag material is the inner material, but delicate knitting, neat lines, cut inside is also very clothing, and the package paste is better.

pictorial engraving

The Logo inside the bag uses a gold-stamping process that makes the logo look slightly sunken, but not as deep as the one directly engraved. And there will be the same Logo scald on the cards.

Logo lettering must be in the back of the leather card, engraved clearly, pressure slot obvious, the surrounding skin will not be depressed, and the overall hanging decoration sloshing amplitude will not be too big. The two letters “CD” on the metal buckle are also serif typefaces. The top and bottom are thinner and the middle part is thicker. If it is the same size, then pay attention. And etched inside the groove grinding fine, even the most detailed strokes are also polished.

package attachment

The front of the ID card is the English word “ChristianDior”, the background color is silver-gray, the character is black. Note that the font is also a standard serif font. The old ID card will be followed by the purchase date (A), model (B) and purchase address, and the new version will have barcode (D). In addition, the whole card of the soft and hard relatively moderate, bending will have a moderate resilience.

Dior for the authentic and imitation of the definition is also more strict, where non-monopoly stores or dealers are sold as “fake”, and not enjoy follow-up maintenance services, so it is best to buy regular stores. And if this hard handbag is squashed, the second-hand market price will drop a lot! So you must take care of it.

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