The old flowers of LV, Dior and Gucci are becoming more and more popular, ugly or trendy?

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A few years ago, bags covered with brand logo or monogram designs

In my heart, it was the proper old lady, the nouveau riche.

But with these two years of retro style trend, let the old flower single products again raging fashion circle, and a return on the explosion of flowers ~

“first of all, let’s talk about what is” old flower “, that is, has survived at least ten years of Logo patterns in major brands, such as LouisVuitton ‘s Monogram alphabet pattern, Gucci’s GG alphabet pattern, Fendi’s classic FF embossed print, They are called “old flowers”. “

Speaking of Lao Hua, I believe your first reaction was that LV’s Monogram, was born in 1896, which is the ancestor of the old flower .

Many babies know that this classic Monogram is not a real leather material, but an accessible canvas material, plus a waterproof and fire-resistant PVC, mixed with clover quadrangle and other patterns.

Since then, the world is no match, no difference in the popularity of Monogram has been born!

LV’s old flower bag has always been very popular, but if you now buy some super classic, such as Neverfull,speed. Perhaps more practical, not to say how fashionable.

If you want to say that the fashionable LV old flower bag, this year we should strongly recommend the most popular PETITEBOITECHAPEAU– classic old flower cylinder handbag.

By the way, Zhang Yuqi real sincerely recommended a “parity bag”

Exquisite, small, stylish, absolutely white and rich

If there are conditions, don’t tangle, do it!

LV also has a handbag recently quite red, by Monogram and MonogramReverse

New Square made of canvas

Inspired by a womanly dressing box, the little one is very cute in the hand, and the is more practical than the small box.

This handbag is also quite changeable. Calf leather trim and shiny metal accessories with leather Toron handle. It’s a good fit for both the day and the events.

LV also launched a ChantillyLock saddle bag in spring and summer 2018

This is the anniversary edition designed by NicolasGhesqui รจ re, artistic director of women’s wear, for the Chantilly handbag, which has been out for 40 years.

The design of the splicing of old flowers and solid leather, along with the details of metal chains, locks and handles,

Make the bag more chic, than the traditional saddle bag with a rebellious spirit .

The redesigned padlock accessories are one of the highlights, which can be relatively more routine, but also very feminine

The blue-blooded aristocrat of luxury goods & # 8211Dior is much less well-known than LV and can only be seen on some vintage handbags

In Sex and the City, Carrie often carries Dior’s old flower bag.

This pattern, called Oblique, was designed by MarcBohan, then the art director of the brand.

Perhaps afraid that this element will be completely forgotten, Dior in recent seasons began to make a big fuss on the old flower.

Whether it is blue, white, dark green color, on the pattern of old flowers have a honey charm.

Tired of Dior’s Princess bag, suddenly they had a new expectation of the old flower, and the upper body effect more interpreted the words white, rich, and beautiful .

It also captivated the “strong” Rihanna , which has a honeydew fondness for the old flowers, almost all of Dior’s old flower bags are taken away, and they are used to match all kinds of look.

Of course, the one bag that all fashionable girls can’t wait for this year is definitely the DiorSaddle saddle bag!

In fact, it was born in the spring and summer series of Dior2000.

Seventeen years ago, the most fashionable women had a saddle bag. “strong” Sex and the City “ CarrieBradshaw has a saddle bag look, basic white vest with pink trousers, arm is holding it

Seventeen years later, the iconic bag appears again on the ChristianDior2018 autumn and winter series. Besides the classic of bag design, the solid pattern with Dior3D effect on the package is one of the reasons why it has set off the fashion trend.

Don’t underestimate the quality of DiorSaddleBag, wear denim skirts and casual shoes, and add a feminine look to the casual look

Strong > Gucci Family Flower Series needless to say, recall a few years ago, which exquisite pig and pig girl, not a single Gucci old flower canvas bag? family?

Gucci’s old flowers first appeared in the early 1960s, when there was no double G Logo, but a lattice pattern. It was not until 1969, when PaoloGucci, the third generation of Gucci, added the double G element to it that the old Gucci of today came into being.

When Gucci’s “Flower” series was almost wiped out by the wave of fashion, the new creative director took office in 2015, reinvigorating the Flower. So the once unremarkable “old flower” with embroidered sequins, insect crows, birds and beasts, and badge stamps infused an injection of stimulant into the old flowers.

Classic like canvas, no matter in which bag, with what kind of design, feel the good fashion!

At the fall and Winter Fashion week of 2018, GUCCI continued to push forward with a number of new floral bags

Handbags, bucket bags, shoulder bags, TOTE everything, and there is a classic old flower charm is very neutral, both men and women are suitable

This year’s Gucci is definitely the main push, but also the number of this Ophidia old flower Tott bag

Not only is it classic in style, but it’s also high enough to be practical. is a good choice, whether it’s a daily dress or a trip.

You can also add large letters to the custom item, and you can choose your own color and material .

Personality at the same time really super statement, is definitely in a few years one of the most fashionable bag!

Below this Ophidia waist bag to say specifically, it is really wearing a belt, very suitable for concave modeling with!

Fashion people can try a variety of back, belt tightening a little bit can be when the waist, belt loose a little bit can be strapped on the waist at will

Of course, this year’s most popular waist bag with a shoulder or slung back, play your fashion microcosmos ~

Another brand that brings old flowers back to view is the Fendi. his old flower is not famous, and there is no beauty to speak of.

The double F pattern originates from the acronym of “FunFur” proposed by KarlLagerfeld, after the addition of Fendi in 1967.

It is said that the old Buddha completed the design of logo in only 5 seconds.

As a member of the Flower Revival Army, Fendi’s strategy is: large area. unlike Dior, which is used only in handbags, Fendi’s 2018 fall and Winter series, from hats and clothes to trousers and bags, is covered with old flowers

But individuals are still more inclined to their family bags ~ after all these clothes are more difficult to handle in daily life

See so many brands of classic Monogram package, which do you like best?

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