Review of ChristianDior Classic Show: the Dior Age of Sexy Modern

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DIOR this brand believes everybody is no stranger! Today we will bring you to review a classic show from Dior it! Is ChristianDiorS/S2010 series, in this series, not only has “big cousin” Liu Wen’s deduction, the clothing style is more modern, fills the fashion breath. It seems that there is still a strong sense of retro fashion ~

When you think about ChristianDior, ‘s famous black-and-white trunks, I also think of every book about clothing, the already classic black and white picture of a woman standing on the edge of a pedestrian walk on the banks of the River Sena. The gloved hands set out the unseen stone road behind Pose, as if it meant a long popular road. Dior has been in fashion for 50 years since the photo was published in 1947. Since Dior’s first press conference in 1947, every new work has attracted the attention of the fashion world and the media. The Dior brand has long been the leader of the dazzling era of high women’s wear (1947-1957).

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