Qi Wei’s “plastic surgery” foundation fluid, 30 seconds to witness the face replacement is no worse than Dior.

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As a person who often goes out to wear makeup, the bottom makeup is not clean if played. Even if your other makeup is exquisite, it will give you a “dirty” feeling. While visiting Little Red Book, I saw Qi Wei share a W.lab foundation solution, which can be called foundation fighter.

Qi Wei also directly in the video with the eyeliner pen to test the effect of the foundation of the concealer effect, concealer effect is very good, a little bit on the hand, gently wipe, on the drawing of the eyeliner pen covered! The concealment effect is really good!

Tang Yixin in the variety show also recommended this foundation liquid, said the foundation is a set of blemishes foundation isolation as one, the key is to bring sunscreen SPF50, waterproof, when the program is not afraid of flowers makeup ~ is her bag of cosmetics! Heart into a piece back ~

Hand is the body of frosted material, brush head design, very close, to avoid direct contact with the foundation, the foundation texture is very delicate, touch is very soft, light and not heavy!

In hand, I also tried on the foundation of the concealment effect, in the hand with eyeliner pen draw line is very easy to cover, the foundation texture is very light, makeup feeling is partial cream muscle, but also waterproof and sweating!

After makeup is very moist feeling, is completely healthy skin gloss sense, skin is natural white luster, makeup effect is light and natural, the face of acne, acne can almost cover up!

The effect of this foundation makeup is also very good, for a long time also won’t have the feeling of stuffy pox, the price is just tens of dollars, the ratio of performance to price is very high, sharing to the fairies!

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