Qi Wei just basked out the lipstick, Qi Wei: has used 2 years, the netizen: the effect compacts the Dior!

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() lipstick is probably the life of all girls, lift lipstick is minutes full blood resurrection. Put away all your favorite lipstick numbers. It’s definitely the dream of every girl! I happened to see Qi Wei sun out a Thai Milani small gold lipstick, is red, wearing really super good-looking ~

() °wuli Qi brother introduced the small gold lipstick rich in vitamin E, moisturizing lips, apple seed oil extract can moisturize lips, oat oil extract can smooth lips, prevent water loss! Decided to buy one!

() °its shell is a small gold bar look, very textured! Plus magnet buckle design , self-priming outer cover, suction iron automatically adsorbed, in the bag will not fall off! Very convenient ~

() °texture is matte, moisturizing not to dry, gently on the lips on the color, color saturation is very high, do not show lip lines, skin white, do not pick skin color, yellow skin is not burdensome!

() °as long as wear a layer of makeup, instantly improve the texture of the entire makeup, it is the finishing touch! Thin paint slanting orange tone, thick coating is very positive red, air field 2 meters 8. Youth vitality, both lift look and white, kill two birds with one stone!

() °change of season, exquisite girls should be imported red, pick this small gold bar 6# palace color, do this autumn and winter the most beautiful girl!

For the needed fairies, click on the blue word below “learn more” to get the voucher to buy!

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