Qi Wei: it has been used for 6 years. Net friend: lost Dior from now on

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Lipstick number thousands, new color is always the most beautiful, some time ago in the small red book occasionally saw Qi Wei sun a Milani small gold tube lipstick, color super good-looking ~

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Qi Wei said the lipstick contains rich vitamin E, which can effectively moisturize and moisturize lips, as well as apple seed oil essence to protect lips, oat oil extract smoothing lips, to avoid water loss!

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Did not think that our vitality girl Cheng Xiao also shares this Milani small gold bar on Weibo, said this lipstick upper lip saturation is very high, also very moisturizes ~ then the heartbeat entered the piece to come back!

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Adopt the design of magnet buckle, absorb the iron stone automatically, put in the bag don’t worry about it will fall, golden lipstick bottle body, grasp the feeling of atmosphere in the hand!

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The upper lip is very moisturizing, it is easy to smear evenly, matte texture, will not be pulled dry, especially good color!

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Lipstick really fried chicken skin white ah! After painting immediately feel his whole person is very white ~ thin even if do not make up also let the whole person look very spiritual thick paint air field all open show queen demeanour!

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Youchang Jing grapefruit Thai Mistine small gold bar lipstick velvet matte lipstick moisturizes female students

Very good lipstick, any season can be used, but also do not pick color, like!


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