Nike sponsored the first e-sports contestant, and Sellon made a new Dior real perfume blockbuster.

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@ NikeBasketball announced three new sign-up spokesmen, and Jane proudly ( Uzi) became the first player to be signed by Nike in the field of global e-sports. Nike ‘s key word for Jane’s pride is “ Carry”, which means he and the e-sports industry he represents are increasingly influential. He is a professional contestant from League of Legends in China and now works for RNG team and holds the post of ADC (physical output Core).

Supremex ‘s “Bloody Shuangxiong” 2018 Autumn and Winter series has been released, infusing classic lines including “Inourprofession,weshouldn’ttrustanyone.”

Today’s headline released a new ad, expressing the diversity of today’s headlines as information App content, emphasizing slogan “make the world rich for you”.

Huawei Glory has changed the HONOR5 letters from lowercase to uppercase, the broken corners of the font have changed the structure of the continuous easy to read English font, the Chinese font is omitted, the color from the original blue to black, But still younger.

Momo changed from last year’s brand slogan, “meet me via Video”, to “it’s nice to meet you.” The new brand expression shows that Momo is not only based on video social, but also positioned in the scene of pan-social.

Charles Theron starred in Dior’s True self 2018 Advertising.

Within 24 hours, Lenovo changed a new LOGO, LOGO from “Lenovo” to “Loveon” in order to announce the establishment of the Lenovo charitable organization “LenovoFoundation” Lenovo Foundation.

OmnicomMediaGroup took Mercedes & # 8211C Mercedes global media business. Earlier this year, the French consultancy forecast Mercedes-Benz ‘s annual media budget of $950 million. Mercedes-Benz hopes to be able to shift most of its budget to digital channels, using personalized and more relevant content to serve global customers.

Asics is considering working with smaller bloggers, but they find it difficult to assess the return on investment they bring despite some monitoring.

Map from @ NikeBasketball

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