Loser in China Dior=?

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If you say that the recent melon, can be eaten can not eat! whether the tiger jumped to tear up Wu Yifan caused by skr storm, or Kan Qingzi Ji Lingdui break up & # 8230, any wayway these gossip when the smoke & # 82230;

However, the entertainment business is not calm, even the fashion circle also with restless ah! for example, Xiao Jiao recently saw the latest Dior ad & # 8230 & #8230; then completely unable to sit down & # 8230 and #8230;

On July 20, the French luxury brand Dior released an ad on Weibo’s official account that shocked the tiger and watched the baby “relive” once more, paying attention to the high energy ahead.

Video loading & # 8230;

The painting style, the score, and the model’s old cadre sweater. Dior, you just let yourself fly? a x line model, with a bag, smiling meat to turn a few circles, now the money is so easy to earn? in the future, this kind of work for the small editor introduced, give you five more turns, okay?

Once the advertisement was released, the net friend could not sit down. The official blog sent out less than an hour, and the forwarding volume exploded to 10, 000. That was a scold & # 8230 and #8230; congratulations Dior you succeeded in attracting everyone’s attention. Want to carry forward, bear the burden? Dior you suffer too much small series of love you.?

The comment area was even more flooded. Have to admit, this session netizen is still quite outstanding, say the netizen of the end of the year award, backstage private letter small editor pays attention to Luxsens sends “saddle bag”.

Still, I want to give you a feeling that Dior ‘s usual official exposition is this style of painting, with a forwarding volume of no more than 2K, and a comment area of no more than 1 K and #8230. So, Dior, your marketing is really “successful.” The legend of “curves to save the nation” may not be more like this. A thunder from the ground. Congratulations, Dior. It’s been achieved

Next, follow the little steps: welcome to 1990, a township entrepreneur, Li, carrying her saddle bag, leading the whole village to the road of wealth, you give Dior a chance. Getting rich is not a problem & # 8230 and #8230 Dior you have played really well in this retro wave, and here you are with your little kneecap.

In this way, I really gave Xiaobian a kind of affordable illusion & # 8230; no joke, people now “spend a lot of money” to add a special effect to the advertisement, and this model & # 8230; I’m sorry, I really don’t know. Do you want 1.4 billion Chinese people to donate a piece of money to you? what? are you going to take the civilian route? the Dior is limited to buy, pass by, as long as 999999 can’t afford to lose. You can’t buy it, but you can buy a classic, buy a bag and send it to a model!

Anyway about saddle itself, is really nothing to diss, 1999 JohnGalliano in office after the classic works out of print, and then only from the various stars in the streets of the only reward Fanghua. Congratulations are being re-interpreted by the current creative director MariaGraziaChiuri, classic re-emergence.

This is what the overseas ads look like. Cold scenes, delicate makeup, everything and saddle bag can no longer be match…

As an 18-year autumn and winter show’s main push, saddle bag classic comeback news is to let each fashionable spirit rush to tell each other. The show photos are beautiful too.

Classic bag with exquisite official propaganda, is a luxury should look ah, how to come to China, 18-line wild model plus the blue blood brand, so play but lost the soul of luxury goods!

Of course, this is not the first time that Dior has been a big surprise in China. In the choice of overseas spokesmen, Dior is extremely cautious, they will certainly choose the brand and the connotation of the artist, with the help of their ideas to the public Dior.

For example, LadyDior spokesperson, French national treasure film Oscar best actress, elegant MarionCotillard.

MissDior Advocate and Harvard Talent Mad NataliePortman.

The spokesman for the DiorJ'adore series, CharlizeThero South Africa’s first Oscar-winning sexy goddess.

The goddesses of the Oscars began to be loyal to their talents, and to put it bluntly, they had faces and connotations. Is there a soul in the real bones! is it just a high price for girls to admire luxury goods? not to have the confidence that they can give us! this is the fantasy that luxury brings to every girl, isn’t it?!

But once in China, the spokesman completely missed ah! to know that the original Dior spokesman in China is a fairy full of fairy Liu Yifei ah! this is a blue blood brand should have the spokesman!

But since last year, Dior ‘s father replaced Liu Yifei. Once the news of Angelababy…, which can only stare at acting and sing songs, is blown up, the masses shout, they don’t have the money to buy Dior TW Dior you are the spokesman of a “different way”. Is it absolutely for publicity? public opinion has been achieved, you can change the spokesman & # 8230 and #8230;

Isn’t it true that Xiaobian complains about Big Baby, is there a problem with baby? make a comparison, take a hundred Flowers Award, and in an interview with baby, make the following remarks: are you not afraid of tigers or are you ignorant of your newborn calf & # 8230; Grand Slam? Just your acting, hypocrisy & # 8230;

Take a look at what NataliePortman said at the Harvard graduation ceremony, where the emotional quotient of speaking is always reflected in modesty. The same is the spokesman of a brand, this difference, Dior dad you can not see? this is what you want? China is not nobody?

Let’s take a look at the endorsement of baby, full of Taobao wind. On the left is the domestic endorsements of the clothing Tiancheng, right to Dior endorsement. Tens on the left, tens of thousands on the right. So why do we have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to buy your Dior? to tell Xiaobian you can tell? clothing Tiancheng’s boss must laugh crazy, appreciation level and international big name to keep in a level, company to go international.

And this & # 8230; Zhao Liying, who was replaced in less than three months because of “accent too dirty” and “ineligible”, “forlove & # 8230;” (forlove) to be fair. I can’t bear to look straight at it. Tens of millions of endorsements have been collected. You must have the professional ethics that you have to practise well? you should give this money to Xiao-zan, English pronunciation and American pronunciation are the same set, and the small book will only charge you 100, 000, this discounted conscience

Then again, we can’t just scold Zhao Liying. Excuse me, Dad of Dior, who gives you the courage to release this kind of promotional film? the marketing manager doesn’t want the annual prize? an international brand, the video is also going to be international, representing the image of China, you can’t go dim sum. Help China choose one!

Why is Xiaobian so excited? it’s not because of the depth of love and responsibility. You should know how beautiful Dior is! in 1947, Mr. Dior (ChristianDior) launched his first fashion collection: a sharp rise in the waistline in contrast to the chest curve, plus a sleek shoulder line, the world’s classic “NewLook”!

Dior ‘s most classic design, “NewLook”, will almost certainly appear in the annual high show.


In 1955, Mr. Dior unveiled the “A-Line” styling, shoulder reclining, and relaxed skirt hem, creating a “A” shape similar to the Eiffel Tower, which was the most popular style of the 1950s. Until 2018 today is still unabated.

Shaping the beauty of postwar women, leading the entire 1950s noble and elegant taste, the name of ChristianDior, is deeply branded in the hearts of women and the history of fashion in the 20th century.

After the death of Mr. Dior in 1957, the design styles of YvesSaintLaurent, MarcBohan, GianfrancoFerre, JohnGalliano and RafSimons, whether gorgeous or minimalist, were still the new independent women, confident and elegant from inside and outside, without cowardice.

And now the current director of design MariaGraziaChiuri, design of the beauty to the crack of the lean milk skirt

Refreshing, iconic letters with shoulder straps and cat heels.

Whether the past Dior or the present Dior, change is the trace of the beauty and elegance.

But does this series of events in the China area of Dior deserve such a beautiful Dior? what is more sad is that China’s top Dior officials say that they chose this “flow” endorsement for the sake of younger age. Young to young, but young does not mean no taste no aesthetic, this is from the bone look down on young Chinese consumers? you come to China to collect IQ tax, right?

Although Dior is not a teen brand, we hope that young people will have a desire for Dior. ” Dior executives said in response to questions from spokesmen.

“Young Chinese babies, come and buy me! although my propaganda film is bad, my spokesmen are full of traffic,” he said. Anyway, there are fans who pay the bill, don’t they? “I made up a white eye for you to turn back to France & # 8230; then again, there are thousands of Chinese traffic, there are still a lot of options to choose from.”

Look at other brands, the same younger Gucci, in the Chinese region’s endorsement, choose a worthy Ni, ten thousand amorous feelings and do not lose the unique charm, is really true people wear clothes, not clothes wear people.

But also fresh and free from vulgarity, but also melancholy retro. This is also retro, full of color Guccimatch is just right. This is the blue blood brand should have the spokesman, Dior you look at others, backstage remember to Gucci plus chicken legs.

Of course, to praise the low-key to the bottom of the Celine, luxury goods have entered the Chinese market, open official blog flow with goods under the tide, Celine or “work hard” no competition, you say Celine is not red? out of which bag is not itbags.

But the marketing means of Celine is also brilliant ah, familiar with Celine friends know, whether watching the show or shooting promotional blockbuster, Celine does not like to invite stars. But the only favorite Celine Faye Wong for the rest of his life. Only because of the unique temperament of Faye Wong, is the promotion that Celine really wants!

Yuan Quan, the cold goddess of the same love Celine, was almost contracted by Celine to carry the bag in my front body. In particular, the Celinebox drama once broadcast, triggered the crazy recommendation of everyone. To know that moisturizing everything is silent, is the best marketing! and these are and Celine real match people!

In contrast, Dior, from saddle bag ads, down to the spokesman for the Chinese region. Dior Dad, your publicity in China is so good cheap, feeling Dior ‘s coffin board can’t hold down.!? On the road of gaining the favor after 00, your road seems to be more and more crooked, wearing the skin of luxury goods and collecting the IQ tax of young Chinese consumers. When luxury is no longer high, will you still buy it?

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