Lipstick control ROUND3– my Dior little black tube series

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524 coolista for the new Dior black tube lip lacquer series

This color is really beautiful.

Like the pop 740 & amp; 620 hybrid

So if you want to put these three together , you can make a comparison.

By the way, I have two more in the same series.

Send it out together so it’s not too boring.

In terms of texture:

You can feel the paint of this lipstick.

Strong luster and high color saturation at the same time

It’s the lacquer feel of this series.

The upper lip doesn’t dry. It’s very smooth.

Even if you have a normal degree of dead skin on your lips

It doesn’t make the dead skin obvious.

Of course good lips make any lipstick look better

The ointment is very soft used a few times to shorten a section

It’s a lot like the ysl gold tube.


If you’re earth-colored 620, you really can’t miss it

Because my lips are red and white.

So I use myself not to show illness but to be more temperamental.

So if the lips are pale and bloodless,

A darker complexion might be considered.

Color is only available in foreign countries it is more difficult to buy

524 is also the earth color control must collect

This color will be much more everyday. Use it for work and school.

It’s also a bit more popular white skin yellow skin is good to see can also show the color of blood

Not 620.

740 A little more red has a tomato red feel

It’s gonna be more powerful.

And you don’t pick people.

But I don’t like red colors these days.

570 is also a foreign color

It’s a little more purple.

Upper lip darker

So it doesn’t look more spiritual.

Yellow skin might need to be considered.

457 is a comparative Barbie powder.

With a little pink makeup.

Spring and summer are more suitable for use

But I think the yellow skin might use this color

It could be darker yellow.

My own preference is

620 & amp; GT; 524 & amp; GT; 570 & amp; GT; 740 & amp; GT; 457

Whether packaging is beautiful is a matter of opinion

Personally, I think it’s okay.

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