“it’s a beautiful thing in the sun” Lancome has a new pink marble lipstick, and the Dior saddle has a new color of space wind metal.

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As KimJones ‘s second big show, the DiorMen chose to launch a new series in Tokyo. Continuing KimJones ‘s habit of working with artists, the DiorMen will move Japanese cartoonist Kaisaki’s female robot sculpture to the show, showing a sense of technological future that fits the design tone of the entire series.

The DiorMen2019 early fall series combines tradition and fashion, top technology and technology to draw inspiration from Japanese uniforms. Dior’s classic Tweed, leopard print and Japanese pink cherry print and dyeing are widely used. In the choice of fabric, as the performance of the “sense of science and technology in the future”, the high-tech metallization technology is used to transform the traditional leather and tannin fabric to make it glint blue and silver. The metal-colored calfskin is etched by laser, showing silk-like silky visual effects.

The accessories in the show are equally wonderful. Reinterpreted silver metal saddle bags and robotic arm-like fingers & # 8230 & #8230; if you want to take a trip to the future mechanical age the DiorMen early fall men’s collection is perfect.

Marble and the gloss and texture of its patterns have often become a source of inspiration for fashion designers to honor nature. Recently, this “marble fad” also spread to the makeup world. Lancome announced a few days ago that he is about to launch a linoleum line inspired by pink marbles.

If the common black marble because of its noble and elegant “temperament” often makes people quite distant, then this time Lancome’s pink marble lipstick for the “high cold” marble injected a lovely smart breath. In addition to the shell is pink marble patterns, lipstick core is also printed marbling, and coral, cherry pink and rose pink three colors.

The pink marbled lipstick series will be available on 1 month 1 Day next year. If you want to know more about unreleased marbles, you can keep an eye on Lancome’s official website.

Earlier, Rihanna’s collaboration with Puma has caused worldwide buzz, and PUMA’s market capitalisation has risen sharply, refreshing the perception of star coalitions. Similarly, after Puma announced that it would join hands with SelenaGomez to launch the series, it was linked to her 140 million followers on Instagram, and how the collaboration would become the focus of attention for many fashion people.

Recently, this high-profile series of Lookbook finally released. With the theme of “StrongGirl” , the SelenaGomezxPuma series combines female elements, modern fashion and sports styles to emphasize more rights for women. Black and white two color DefyMid shoes carrying knitted material, bring a light sense of wearing.

The series will go on sale on December 12, and friends who like it may have to queue up early.

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