Great love Dior,740, 857,877, even the names are so fond

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Like Dior with her name, like in college, my boyfriend saved my first lipstick, the Dior brand. It’s always so hard to forget.

1. Lacquer 740

A color between brick-red and earthy pumpkin, with a stronger brick-red tone, with a touch of popular pumpkin color, more special, more retro, and highly saturated.

Texture is very moist, as its name general, lip glaze texture, but better than the lip glaze coating, there will not be an uneven state of smear, the follow-up will not be pulled dry, texture really

Very cover lip stripe, my own lip line is not very deep, but occasionally when the lip state is not good, the lips around the corners of the mouth will be very scary, coated with this visual will have a great improvement

White, very white. Yellow white skin does not pick, to my friend of yellow skin has tried, also very suitable, especially lip glaze texture brings luster feeling, appear lip is very plump, good-looking!

Pink is also the favorite, Dior’s lip glaze has always been a fan of powder.

2. Lacquer 857

The color that can be painted all the year round. Texture moisturizing, non-sticky, color also very good. Both yellow and white skin are easy to handle. The thin coat is sweet cherry water fructose color, thick coating is the proper palace style.

Here comes the big cousin’s color.

3. Lacquer 877

Super water lip balm texture, but not sticky greasy, color also grade one, desert lip must. The 877 is rose-pink, similar to raspberry berries. Thin coating is more water pink, thick painting rose red tone more obvious. Thick paint gives people a wonderful feeling, sweet feeling and a little wild sexy high cold feel. Good moisturizing, color. There is a touch of sweetness, the feeling after the whole person is sweet.

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