Finally, Dior is gone.

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The world doesn’t need two identical valentino.


At Paris Fashion week, the Dior is very eye-catching because it’s the first show since new designer MariaGraziaChiuri took over.

MariaGraziaChiuri draws attention to rookie

Before RafSioms decided to leave Dior, without a new candidate, I secretly hoped that OlivierTheyskens would take over.

OlivierTheyskens ‘s work, no matter which brand it belongs to, has a kind of high cold which does not eat the world fireworks.

NinaRicci designed by OlivierTheyskens

Many people may have their own candidates for director, but Dior’s final choice is surprising.

Because MariaGraziaChiuri was chosen.

It’s not that she’s bad, just because she’s been the design director of valentino, and she’s doing a good job.

Autumn and Winter height determination of valentino2016 designed by Maria

And she was never alone in that position, she was surrounded by PierpaoloPiccioli.

From two pairs to singles, it seems that not too many people come out to question, after all, her results are indeed beautiful.

With these backgrounds, it is better to understand that MariaGraziaChiuri ‘s Dior has attracted much attention.

Dior2017 spring and summer series, very beautiful, beautiful.

I could imagine the girls blurting out their compliments when they saw these beautiful dresses.

but is this still Dior?

Isn’t this another valentino.

How does this differ from the previous valentino.

Above this is valentino is 2014 autumn and winter couture,

This is the new Dior.

This is valentino2016 in autumn and winter.

This is the new Dior.

This is valentino2016 in autumn and winter.

This is the new Dior.

If you have to find the difference between the two, valentino looks like a lady, and now Dior looks like a noble girl.

But don’t forget that valentino has a younger RedValentino.

this is RedValentino2016 in spring and summer,

This is the new Dior.

Some people might say that these styles are different.

The surface is not exactly the same, but the bone is exactly the same. The use of elements, the use of fabrics, even with the way, in short, temperament is exactly the same.

Some people talk a lot about the bees in the rookie, saying it’s a continuation of the past.

New Dior

This is probably the most superficial continuation.

The former director of Dior, JohnGalliano, who had conquered the world and been abandoned, looked like his succession to Dior was subversive, and his theatrical sense of exaggeration was quite different from the Dior of the past.


Dior2005 Autumn and Winter High order

Let’s put aside the quirks of the stage and look at the costume itself, which bears a lot of structural resemblance to Dior a few decades ago.

Left: 1954 Dior, right: Dior2010 autumn and winter high

Left: 1953 Dior, right: Dior2008 autumn and winter high

Left: Dior, 1948 right: Dior2007 spring and summer high

Left: Dior, 1956 right: Dior2008 fall and Winter High

Galliano reinterpreted the classic in his own way, so it looked very avant-garde at the time.

But don’t forget, old Mr. Dior in that era, is also very avant-garde, otherwise how would newlook say.

Old Mr. Dior’s newlook

Including his Japanese elements, is also from the old Mr. Dior, there are traces.

In 1953, Dior introduced a dress called the Japanese Courtyard.

The Galliano was inspired by Dior by the Japanese artist GE Xizhai.

Especially in terms of typography, the inheritance and development of JohnGalliano can be called perfect. Dior, a few decades ago, had a lot of innovations in typography, so let’s look at Galliano’s very classic design.

I thought its structure might have been taken from this 1954 Dior,.

Do you think it’s easy to cut?

Not at all. I used to run a key tailoring section in the newspaper where I invited some craftsmen to challenge the format, and no one thought it was easy.

The nice thing about the Dior suit is that it looks nice and comfortable. In the Galliano era, this advanced Dior, was not lost, and there were new developments.

Most importantly, he maintains Dior recognition.

Later, RafSimons became director of Dior, and some of those classic things were there.

Whether you like it or not, RafSimons ‘s Dior recognition is still there and still noble.

Now look at the Dior,

Well, it’s beautiful, and if it’s just from a beautiful point of view, there’s nothing to be picky about.

New Dior

I can even conclude that maybe Dior sales will go up, but there are things that either cater to the tastes of most people or are good, whether it comes to costume design or other designs, or movies, and we seem to be in a sad position to win more.

There is another Valentino, in the world but no Dior.

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