Fifty dollars Dior? $70 Chanel? These lipsticks are worth it!

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Hello, fairies.

Double Eleven has been for the past week

How’s everyone doing with their hands?

I don’t think my hands are very ok

After all, the double Twelve is coming again.

The goose swears that I will never buy anything until the twelfth of the year

I saw our beautiful little sister’s new lipstick coming in.

The color is too beautiful!

I can’t bear my hand again. Super wants to buy .

After all, lipstick is in the eyes of our girls.

Is one of the things that the would rather buy without a hand

But indigenous girls also have strong > dignity & amp; / strong >

(actually poor)

It’s impossible to think of allin as a big name in the net.

At this point, you can only find parity instead of !

If you only consider the color and practicality of lipstick,

Many affordable products are not inferior to the big-name .

And don’t worry about the price.

Indigenous girls can also have hot color numbers

Invite the vast number of eating girls to come and see the bullhorn!

Recently I like the gentle color of bean paste !

So I have to mention

Armani’s red velvet lip glaze # 501

This one is rose bean paste with a purple tone in it

Stir fry chicken gently after painting

Not only that, but also the color of the awesome !

Although it is a velvet series but not dried, has a good ductility

Good texture after the upper lip! Velvet feels strong!

The downside may be that persistence is not very good

So we need to get lipstick in time.

(source: RanHsieh)

This labial glaze, thick, is very gentle and strong.

A thin coating is like the gradual discoloration of rose petals

Spread out from deep to shallow, stir-fry chicken gently

Even if the naked face goes out, also completely hold.

But not very friendly to the little yellow fairy, a little black

But the white skin can be safely and boldly entered!

Parisian velvet Lip Glaze # 07

It has to be said that this and Armani similarity is actually 80 pieces of!

The Armani # 501 parity substitution for

Except for texture is a little different, other places are very similar.

Miao Paris, this one is also rosebean jelly.

Texture is much more moisturizing than Armani’s,

But posterior lip saturation is a little worse than Armani.

Miao Paris this texture is very strong > silky , the lip is very comfortable

It’s shiny when it’s first painted.

After a while, it turns into a soft strong > foggy look .

Generally speaking, it’s a daily thin coating that doesn’t seem very abrupt.

The thick coat will appear as gentle as the lipstick.

And the price is Armani’s 1/5

Very good price!

Let’s take a look at the South Korean makeup blogger’s face picture.

Real looks great !

Old Internet celebrity Poplar

Before and after a lot of classic mesh red

But I think this classic # 12 looks the best!

I take it everywhere I go.

Unable to express in words my love of

(image source: see watermarking)

All say that the YSL#12 color number is the ancestor of beheading male color

I think so too!

Don’t say boys ~ even the girls can’t stand up to the

First of all, let’s talk about its packaging.

Packaging or poplar forest classic black gold match , noble and elegant

The brushes are pointed , and can well outline the lines of the lips.

(photo: Cheng)

# 12 is a must-have lip glaze of Japanese glass lip

Whether shallow or thick, ciao looks good!

The lips are very tender pink.

After the formation of the film, it will become water red

A thin coating is very tender, very exuberant

Thick coating of the mirror effect will be more obvious oh!

Unfortunately, this is not durable , the need for timely makeup yo!

Ammonite Colored Lip Glaze # 09

There is a small shell of love, girls feel full ~

The color of this labial glaze is similar to that of ysl. The is as high as 90% !

The price is only 1/8 for poplar trees

How to paint will not hurt, really hin is cost-effective

If you don’t look at the packaging , just look at the color , you can feel free to enter.

(photo: sun Lu LuLu)

Its taste is very sweet peach taste

It’s like eating a peach every time.

And this hue is also super good.

As with the ysl, thick paint will look better!

Not only that, but also the texture of is very moisturizing

Autumn and winter can be used as lip balm

But it is well known that moisturizing lipstick is not too long-lasting

And with a little regret,

This labial glaze will not form a film , so it will be a little sticky.

But the rest are very similar to YSL’s lip glaze!

Both yellow and white skin can enter safely with

Diao # 999 ! One of the net red

Moisturizing version of the market on the sale of goods!

It was the c bit of the Internet celebrity.

Just because the moisturizing version of # 999 is so popular.

So then came the other six textures.

The test colors are as follows

(source: Web)

The beauty ring of the day created a “strong” ad for it,

“I won’t die, but I’ll be a princess after all!”

overbearing ! With its aura!

If you see this, you’ll think I’m going to tell you if the palace is right.


So let’s start today with an introduction to # 999 in the matte version of

There’s a lot of red lipstick.

But the advanced like it can have a few!

That’s it, right?

(photo source:-zyl)

This very is suitable for autumn and winter

Texture of matte velvet with foggy face

A little dry, but good concealment.

The hue is not afraid of its pride , knock it out.

A thin coating is very white, the color immediately improved a lot

If it’s thick, it’s really the “strong” queen of the air field .

BBIA is an affordable makeup brand in Korea

But the quality is completely not inferior to the big brand

# 15 color number is a hot color number in their home.

Super close to dior#999

And it’s cheap.

50 less than

I can’t afford it. I can’t afford it.

Shell plastic frosted

The feel may not be as good as the big name

But for dozens of lipsticks, we’re still a little more tolerant of than

similar color is very satisfying.

This is also a thousand people lipstick

Some people paint it just red.

Some people paint it with orange.

The coat is thin, but it is easy to apply clasp & amp; / strong >

Thick coating is not easy to spread evenly

(because of dry)

Everyone should do a good job of moisturizing and bottoming Oh ~

Estée Lauder’s “strong” adoring crystal gloss lipstick # 420

A famous cousin

This is also an extremely hard to buy bean paste color

# 420 satin smooth texture

Color and saturation are equal to the price.

But this is not durable

A cup of milk tea will almost fall.

What I think is very special is

This lipstick is rich in hyaluronic acid !

Autumn and winter can also moisturize, do not show lip lines

And the lips are plump,

This is great!

(photo: candice Su-mei)

This is rosebean red

What’s different from the rest of the bean paste is this red bean paste.

So very! Hyun! White!

Gently click between your lips and then faint

It’s just a lip bite.

Gentle understanding, is the “strong” parents see parents must be a lipstick duck!

Lovaronne # 510

When I got it, I felt like

This one is too similar to Estée Lauder 420

Even the shell is metal.

Although this one is not as hot as Estée Lauder # 420

As Estée Lauder’s spare tire personnel, the is excellent drop.

Freshly coated with silky strong > cream texture

But in a few minutes it becomes matte.

moisturizing , no lipstick

But the durability is mediocre, the goblet is glued.

This lipstick is proportional to its price

It’s still worth it.

Compared with Estée Lauder # 420

This color will look like will be more active , more suitable for the student party.

Givenchy sheepskin # 304!

In fact, its real name is Chauncey Gotham velvet lipstick.

Only its shell is sheepskin

So they call it sheepskin.

This one is a very good strong > grapefruit color , coral ribbon and cream orange.

Invincible white! Fried Chicken friendly to Yellow skin

(image source: Halozeroo)

The texture, like its name, is velvet texture

The mouth is smooth and smooth. It is a high-grade semi-matte

Concealment power excellent

And will not show lip lines, but also will appear the mouth is very full !

(photo source: Mingming)

get bright red tube # 01

Substitute Color of Sheep skin # 304

This model is similar to the sheepskin 304 up to 80% !

The shell is a leather-like plastic shell.

The texture in your hand is not very good.

But it looks like doesn’t look cheap

(photo Source: flying Girl X)

This one tastes sweet.

Texture is also semi-matte

It might dry a little bit compared to the sheepskin.

So be sure to do moisturizing & amp; strong > before you apply it

Both thin and thick paint are very nice!

is also very cost-effective Oh!

Finally, let’s talk about it.

Strong > Chanel velvet Lip Glaze Bull

It was launched in 17 years.

A glass-polished shell, held in the hand of with a very good handle .

And it’s also a velvet collection.

Than the other frosted velvet series.

moisturize a lot of

(the grinding series is really too dry.)

Granny Xiang’s # 154 is the autumn and winter color must-have & amp; / strong >

This lip-glaze brush is very easy to smear and fits the lip shape.

hand Stars can also be painted well

Lip glaze is moisturized but not greasy

The texture is thin and the is dizzy,

Unfortunately, durability is average.

The color of milk tea falls almost like after a drink of milk tea.

(image source: myronleaa)

The color is dark red with a brown tone

Like ripe cherry

And the color is very clear.

Thick coating is like a flowing cherry wine.

With this makeup, the becomes very advanced

(cold face)

& # 8220; red and white” that’s it, isn’t it?

(source: 59oka)

Recent rise of domestic products

Let me (fake) the beauty blogger very happy ah

Backstage will often have a fairy recommended to me domestic lipstick

Out of curiosity, I ordered a couple of them, too.

These include VNK#402

Find the goods.

This is Chanel # 154 color!

But the price is only Chanel 1/3

The price is really good for girls who eat dirt!

(image source: chvrry)

VNK#402 ‘s paste moisturizes

But the upper lip is half matte of foggy face


But this one is the same as Chanel’s # 154.

durability is generally . Lipstick is required after eating.

The Chanel paste will be thicker than the two.

So the thick color will be a little deeper than VNK

Chanel and VNK are both and look better with each other & / strong >

Don’t miss the cherry fairy!

All right, that’s all for today’s sharing.

Have you had a good time?

Everyone can only buy according to their actual situation .

After all, our money wasn’t blown by the wind.

what suits you is the best.

Today topic

Which lipstick do you want to buy when you eat dirt?

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