Don’t worry about lipstick color selection anymore. Hot mom recommends some good looks to use Dior lipstick

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Often for lipstick choose color and worry sister paper, really can not more! Hot Ma will often receive private advice from fans, skin yellow choose what color number, which is white color number, which is more refreshing and not greasy, which is more moisturizing & # 8230 and #8230;

Today we will share some of the color effects of Dior lipstick.

I hope you can choose your own color.

Dior Dior black tube varnish glaze 740

Because it is lip glaze, so more moist. Smear is also very uniform and easy to color, lip lines obviously recommended this yo, cover the effect of lip lines better. Because is the orange color, the advantage is to show white, no matter is yellow skin or white skin, do not pick oh ~

Dior Dior 722 bean paste color

Bean paste color is relatively dark, the gloss is relatively low. So usually more casual wear when, may as well choose low-key bean paste color, so not only can create a casual feeling, but also give people a low-key beauty to drive feet, belong to the daily essential color oh ~

Dior Dior bright blue gold 860

I believe you all know that this strong blue gold is a rather stunning color. In fact, this color number is a colder color number, but the reason I recommend is because the berry color is good, moisturizing degree is also good, the tone is like cherry color, more suitable for heavy makeup when using oh ~

Dior Dior 964

if the color is a daily wear, more suitable for thin coating Oh ~ this is mainly very full of air, more suitable for the Queen’s style. Texture is also very good, easy to spread, but there is a little bit dry, mainly the series of Asian light will have this common disease, had better be able to hit a bottom.

Dior Dior 757AmericanGirl

Girls feel very strong a lip color, even without lipstick can be very hydrated, like a girl like the water run red, dating color must ha! If you feel too wet, you can use a paper towel to sip, this will have a matte. Very recommended color oh

Dior Dior Dior labial glaze 619

This color is caramel milk brown, this color is especially suitable for everyone to masturbate the European and American makeup, a gentle intellectual temperament from the inside out. However, this section, is not suitable for the face of yellowish sister paper, or else will appear to have a dirty feeling. Fair skin, try ~

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do you have a favorite color?

What else do you want me to share with you?

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