Dong Qing’s red lipstick at the Spring Festival Evening, which has been on fire for a year, is Dior Dior080?. New year’s wedding

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Take color Dior 080, 2017 from the end of the red Dong Qing color! The formula is winter moisturizing version, the upper lip is moist and full. Brighten the transparent sense of red color, smear feeling moisturizing, very white skin, very friendly to all kinds of skin color!

Red color 21 #10 Dijia 080 Dong Qing Spring Festival Evening Lotus Kingdom

White skin

[lip color depth] high saturation, good hue

[fit for the crowd] everyone, pretty women

Daily trip, office makeup, holiday party, wedding

-the heroine splits-

It has a good name: “the smile is red.”

Very much in line with the aesthetics of the people,

So it is not surprising that Dong Qing became famous at the Spring Festival Gala in the year of the Rooster.

This is also the new color of Didi Ma at the end of 2017.

Because several girls asked for it,

Because the Spring Festival is coming again!

Dior said it was cherry red,

But why is it in line with the Chinese aesthetic?

Because I feel more like cinnabar,

In the cultural rituals of ancient China and India,

Cinnabar is all about beautiful women.

White skin and yellow skin are very friendly warm tone red,

Suitable for autumn and winter.

It’s too late for a new color to make a model picture.

I can only do it myself.

Please ignore my messy hair and clothes.

It was already 6: 00 in the afternoon when the photo was taken.

The impact of light is a little big,

Individual feeling is partial pink, kind wants redder a few.

And then I went to look for the girls.

It turns out that the thin coating is a little red with powder in it.

It might have something to do with color.

The bottom two girls, yellow and white,

The effect of thick coating is the texture of the red.

Recommended winter use, the formula I fine-adjusted for the moisturizing version,

The upper lip is full of water.

Winter to participate in all kinds of activities properly good sense,

The wedding was used for bride makeup,

It’s also a celebration of sweetness and tenderness.

May every day of the girls,

As beautiful as this lip!

A full-time housewife who makes soap and hand lipstick,

There is also a handmade soap shop and a lipstick shop.

Interested in searching for “Kingdom of Lotus hand soap” or “Kingdom of Holland hand lipstick”.

Love the little handwork in life,

Bought a lot of books, read a lot of books, hoping to live a good life.

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