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I’ve redesigned all the essential items in my makeup bag, and I believe that anyone who wants to achieve professional results with the simplest portable products and tools, whether it’s a professional makeup guru or any woman, Will find this series handy. ” PETERPHILIPS


Dior brand new upgrade DiorBackstage series: inspired by the background of the show, Dior creative and image director PeterPhilips dedicated to build the first line of makeup products, so that every woman harvest professional makeup effect.


“I want to share my expertise with everyone through the DiorBackstage series. My team is always walking around in the tense and busy work environment of the catwalk. Each makeup box is not only an indispensable tool for the makeup master, but also should be able to meet the needs of all women. That’s why I redesigned all the essential items in my makeup bag. I want to design a work that is satisfying, whether it’s a makeup master or every woman who wants to get professional effects with the simplest portable products and tools. These products are very effective and convenient, easy to use, can easily create a professional makeup effect. ” PeterPhilips explained.

The full range of products aimed at all women has quickly won the favor of more than 50 talented makeup gurus and much-needed models.


* Master makeup experimented with facial and body foundation fluids, including 50 professional Dior makeup masters, as well as backstage professionals working in the Dior Show.


PeterPhilip s necessary background makeup tool

“the essence of the DiorBackstage series is the word ‘must-have’. For example, Dior’s glamorous lips, or Dior’s stunning ciliary cream are all the perfect must-have items for basic makeup. Based on the rich experience of showroom and backstage time and again, I have carefully designed a series of easy-to-use products that cover all the neutral hue essentials required by all professions, supplemented by different ways of using them. You will be able to control all kinds of skin color, free to walk between the colors. “

This series has 21 foundation liquid color numbers, 2 eye shadow discs, 2 eyebrow color plates, and 1 high CD and 1 lip color disc. in addition, there are 14 brushes, 5 for eye makeup, 2 for lip makeup, and 7 for bottom makeup, in which the 1W foundation solution is a must for creating light foundation makeup. Elegant and transparent packaging allows you to see their colors at a glance, which is very efficient for makeup masters who are busy working in the background, and provides great convenience for women who want to find the right color immediately.

backstage makeup double use foundation liquid to create natural, shiny makeup appearance.

Dior Dior backstage makeup double base 50 ml 400RMB

Based on 21 general colors, the new Dior backstage makeup dual-use foundation solution can be adapted to a variety of skin colors. “this is a product of great importance to me, which is based on six colors: rose, olive, yellow, beige, etc. The resulting 21 tones will allow each woman to find the color best suited to her complexion. ” PeterPhilips explained.

With its liquid texture like a second layer of skin, this foundation is more manageable to use.

Its waterproof formula is heat-resistant and moisture-resistant, making it easy to deal with backstage and catwalk challenges-which is why we call it backstage specific. The natural shine of this foundation also makes it an essential “makeup” product for the body, hiding tiny blemishes and showing brilliant skin, such as smearing on the neck or shoulders. For the makeup master, in addition to the practical transparent bottle, its sophisticated bottle mouth design allows for each extrusion to obtain accurate dosage.

General Professional palette

PeterPhilips and Dior Labs have been working on all formulations to the standards of professional makeup gurus to ensure that they are lightweight and contain more color factors, better control over blemish, and longer makeup holding. In color, at first glance, the tone is more neutral, but in the making of makeup, the strong performance of color can be presented. Highly plastic product texture allows you to explore the unlimited possibilities of makeup, whether active in the stage of professional or pursuit of different aesthetic women, can be greatly satisfied.

“I don’t want technology products to be intimidating. These tones can be applied to any combination of all women with different colors. It includes the lightest to the most intense of all tones, and each product’s function can be seen at a glance through the packaging. ” PeterPhilips added.

the finishing touch of perfect, bright complexion

Dior Dior background makeup highlight blush, 10 g , 450RMB

PeterPhilips designs two necessary palettes:

& # 8211 Dior backstage makeup blush red plate is a secret weapon, overloaded with texture and concentrated pearl mother’s shellfish factor as if to put a layer of light on the face, so that it radiates a natural and moving light. “Light tone can be used as highlights, and light pink can awaken dull skin, making skin ruddy and lustrous.” PeterPhilips added.

& # 8211 Contour palette, perfectly shaped artifact. Depending on the color of your skin, you can choose either tone or tone, or use a dark matte to create a three-dimensional facial line that perfectly fits into the skin at the same time.

plump, stereoscopic lips

Dior Dior backstage makeup lipstick, 8g , 460RMB

Lip gloss plates can be adapted to all kinds of lip colors. It can meet the needs of women for fresh and light makeup, or rich makeup. Lip color plate contains 3 kinds of rich and bright tone, 3 kinds of satin makeup effect color, 3 kinds of matte tone, both can underlay, plump double lips, may also outline the lip line or use as the lipstick alone. “I want to create simple monochrome lip makeup for women as well as more sophisticated, gradual lip makeup.”

multilevel eye makeup

Dior backstage makeup eye color disc, 10gm 460RMB

In the eye shadow plate, the choice is more diverse, the cool color warm color coordinated fusion. “in addition to eight different tones of makeup (matte or flash), I also want a frost-shaped eye base. It can make eye makeup more lasting, but most importantly, it can make eye shadow color more prominent. PeterPhilips explained.

stereoscopic eyebrow makeup (not listed in China)

Dior backstage makeup eyebrow disc, 3g / b > 380RMB

PeterPhilips has designed two eyebrow color plates, which contain a set of wax and two kinds of eyebrow powder. In the “dark tone”, two chocolate tones and a rose-shaped wax compose warm melts to create dark eyebrows. In “light tone”, cappuccino hue eyebrow powder can easily build light eyebrow.

“according to different methods of use, can achieve two effects: to make the eyebrow more protruding, you need to mix two kinds of powder; To make your eyebrows look more stereoscopic, you need to apply a light tone to the brow and apply a dark tone to the end of the eyebrow, “explains PeterPhilips.”

the tool of the Master of makeup: the Art of detail

“if a workman wants to do well, he must first sharpen his tools. We have created a series of DiorBackstage makeup brushes that will help you get the perfect makeup. “

In line with the entire line, these makeup brushes are designed by PeterPhilips, from shape to material to highly meet the precise requirements of makeup artists and the expectations of all women.

Dior Dior backstage Speedway

The new DiorBackstage series offers a close look at the makeup preparation before the show begins. BellaHadid,ChuWong,ManuelaSanchez and RuthBell, the four top models that have emerged from the Dior event and fashion show, have handed their makeup over to the PeterPhilips. This range of products can be adapted to different skin colors, in a unique way to show the beauty of everyone-they are young, natural, fresh, fashionable, and unique. “this is my first time in the advertising video. To show how simple it is to use these products, I did my makeup in just one lens, and I created a three-step makeup approach to make different makeup look. More new surprises are coming, please look forward to it. ” PeterPhilips laughed.

The DiorBackstage series was inspired by my years of backstage work experience on the show. It covers all my professional requirements for neutral tonal essentials, supplemented by different ways of use, you can control all kinds of skin color, free to walk between colors. PETERPHILIPS

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