Dior lipstick is the best color! Fairies must pay!

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Because of the variety of dior here all the test color mainly give lipstick solid lip glaze and dye lip liquid only push big hot color and super beautiful color!

First push 999 should every fairy will have a bar ha can only be said to be very good marketing Zheng Fei Hong thin coated red lip state is not good can also be used recommended! 999 there are three moisturizing matte metal recently out of the sandwich

~ reasonable in fact, the color is almost the same I think there is only one of them.

The color of 080 dots is basically similar to it here picture by the way to make a comparison of the 080 above 999 below 080

Lacquer solid lip glaze purple shell really good frying strong sense of use upper lip moisturizing late no drying glass lip effect here recommend 740 and 744 740 one will make a picture you can make a reference big hot color 744 is very yuan Qi color spring and summer fit the only defect in this lip glaze is that if you turn out more, you won’t be able to turn back and test! Cry!

the latest dior dye lip solution although the shell is normal but the popularity is no less than the above two! push two big hot colors under your own feelings! Beautiful!

Milk Tea 421 and berries? 771 Super texture!

Super Hot two colors!

Below the put the collection!

the next article hasn’t figured out what to write the little cutie with the requirements can comment on it for me ~

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