Dior fashion earrings, are you ready for women’s Thanksgiving gifts?

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At the annual Thanksgiving Day, I believe many readers have begun to prepare Thanksgiving gifts for friends and relatives. For many people, especially male friends, choosing gifts is a very difficult thing to do. Dior many people think only produce perfume, but it is clear that it also has a lot of stunning individual products, today’s Dior earrings show you is such a fashion boutique.

Dior earrings models wear photos

In front of all the pictures, any text is pale. This kind of discourse is used in the Dior model body appropriate, in the picture Dior model carved jade cut face, ears short hair, double eyelids, matched with such a shiny, pearl luster earrings, is really brilliant, complementary. The appearance is more and more bright, the temperament is outstanding. Whether it’s a beautiful model or a cauterous Dior earring, it’s all so beautiful that many readers don’t get their eyes on it.

Single item of Dior earrings

Zoom in, this Dior DIORTRIBALES earrings, the outer use of gold-plated pentagram shape, the middle inlaid a spherical white pearl. In particular, the pearl is also inlaid with a number of small gold solid pentagram, the use of pearl nail type of earpiece to fix, the details are very in place, this in the ordinary earrings is extremely rare and complex process. With the Dior beauty model on display, this Dior fashion earrings, as a Thanksgiving gift, I believe it is true.

Dior fashion earrings model photo

Here comes the long-necked beauty, and the Dior earring above can be said to be tailor-made for you. The tall nose of the Dior model in the picture looks like fat, even if only half a side face, but also can feel the model’s inherent temperament, along the outline of the clear line of chin, up to see the ear lobes, beautiful Dior earrings appear in front of our eyes.

Dior fashion earrings face photo

The Dior earrings are about 6 cm long and are also made of gilded pearls. I vaguely remember that when I was a child, I always felt that such long earrings were the standard match of beautiful women, especially when I saw the rhythm of the pendant metal bars as the wearer walked around, it seemed to me that I would hear the clattering of metal blowing with the wind. It’s a natural thing. Fortunately, today, as a gift for Thanksgiving, we also have a chance to get it, not to keep it as a dream baby, not to get it.

A model wearing Dior earrings

Finally, to give you this comprehensive photo of the Dior model wearing earrings, I hope you can like it, welcome to collect yo.

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