Dior Diorliptattoo color color 771 test color, the U. S. fried, too good to see!

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Today we introduce Dior’s labial dye liquid, Diorliptattoo lip dye . After the main brushing, it looks like tattoos. does not lose color and lasts for a whole day . This lip gloss also works hard on texture, emphasizing that is thin and senseless while keeping moisturizing for 10 hours without feeling dry . A few seconds after the lips are applied again, the moisture will dissipate, leaving the color and moisturizing feeling as if it had been applied with lip balm.

This is a very lovely plum color ah, thin coating also has bean sand feeling, and 491 a bit like, but thick paint is different. This thick reddish brown tone, smooth good coating, fine texture, is also very easy to unload. The most important thing is suitable for yellow skin girls, can be bold to start!

This series will blend with the color of the mouth, do not in the lips are all the dead skin in the case of smear ha, can not remove can only blame themselves.!

Girls usually must pay more attention to lip care, keep lips moisturizing, dry skin, if dry, dry skin has a great impact on their overall image?

When the lip is in good shape, it will look good and it won’t be greasy or heavy.

Very beautiful feeling ~

Beautiful ~

I like this. Lipstick is really a deep pit. I want to buy (cover my face) when I see what looks good.

Do you think this color looks good?

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