DIOR Dior backstage makeup party, encounter new makeup adventure

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November 16, 2018 Chengdu .

DIOR Dior with new makeup products debut, grand DIORBACKSTAGE backstage makeup release party. One of the leading female protagonists in the international supermodel Wang Quyou, the creative and image director of the DIOR Dior makeup and the DIORBACKSTAGE series, was present with Yang Caiyu, ambassador of DIOR Dior fragrance, Wang Luodan, Huo Siyan, and Guan Hong, the young actor. Young singer Dong Youlin, young actor Li Shiying and more than 300 national media and well-known bloggers gathered for the launch party to witness the grand release of the DIORBACKSTAGE series and to appreciate the glamour of makeup.

DIOR Dior fragrance ambassador Yang Caiyu

Famous actor Wang Luodan

Famous actor Huo Siyan

Young actor Guan Hong

Young singer Dong Youlin

Young actor Li Shiying

take a close look at the show behind the scenes and meet with new makeup

At the party, the “strong” bland-black and black-and-white main tone is unique in DIOR Dior fashion . A series of background makeup visual drawings by the master are around, and the new background makeup is all over the place. New transparent Packaging Design allows people to have a glimpse of the rich color choice immediately. The backstage makeup film of DIOR Dior Show presents stunning makeup techniques, creating a tense, busy and concise and efficient atmosphere behind the T platform. Guests seem to be in the background of the DIOR Dior show, a close look behind the scenes of the show’s prelude, encounter a new makeup adventure.

DIOR Dior International Cosmetics create extraordinary Beauty

Under the blazing lights, three DIOR Dior International Cosmetics from China, Japan and Singapore created three exclusive makeup faces through the DIORBACKSTAGE series, either warm, cold, or soft, and the subtle makeup performance was suddenly evident. explains the quintessence of DIORBACKSTAGE series “Master made”, “easy to use”, “No skin” .

DIORBACKSTAGE, explores infinite charm with basic colors

Draw inspiration from the background of the show, DIOR Dior creative and image director of PeterPhilips selection of essential makeup single products, pour into DIORBACKSTAGE series, to widely apply the basic color governing different colors , explore beauty unlimited possibilities. With the help of this series of master individual products, the maestro of makeup quickly presents the makeup exquisite, natural clothing placard, shiny exquisite, three models show their unique female charm ; Simple and clear use of the way, easy and efficient makeup, but also to the audience amazed.

background makeup decryption trip

DIORBACKSTAGE quintessence

PeterPhilips and Wang Quyou to the makeup of the analysis of the simple appearance of the DIORBACKSTAGE so that the exquisite place immediately show, leading the guests on the scene on the background of colorful makeup decryption trip. At the same time, “strong” comes from the national 40 beauty makeup blogger experience DIORBACKSTAGE series , explores the exquisite backstage makeup, through the on-line live broadcast platform first time sharing to this visual feast exclusive memory, displays the DIORBACKSTAGE to bring the exquisite makeup effect.

Swaying in the night

A big makeup party.

Here the guests were intoxicated with the glittering backstage mystery

Add a touch to the charming Chengdu

The glittering Rhyme of DIOR Dior

Pupu has something to say plus me WeChat: uphealth

DIOR Dior is always dedicated to feminine charisma,


surprise women,

walks freely between different styles, thick and light,

for women pursuing different beauty

“strong” presents the limitless possibilities of exploring makeup.

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