Dior Dior 740 and 744 which good-looking Dior lacquer 740 and 744 different test color contrast

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Dior’s new labial glaze has 18 colors, different colors will have different makeup effects, 740 and 744 are more popular color number, and the dior Dior 740 and 744 which look good ? Let’s take a look at the difference between Dior paint 740 and 744.

Dior 740 and 744 which look good

Dior 740club: a pumpkin color, a big hot color, a lot of people say it’s a lot like chili, I don’t think so, this orange is more obvious.

The 740 looks like a myth, dark in color, but with the charm of the Diamond and Orange systems, also known as pumpkin color, and a little twinkle will make you look like a teenage girl soaring. Air is also very sufficient, but more suitable for the fair skin of the girl wax yellow girl please do not easily try!

Dior 744 part : a standard orange-red , very white, painted with u & amp; GT;

Dior varnish light 740 and 744 different color contrast

740 brown orange popular say is brick red? Dirty orange?

Autumn and winter are very hot color! The paper towel after sipping is the red bean paste color ~ also quite good-looking!

744 tangerine bright red pair! Is yellow skin mother’s orange! Xianbai has nothing to say! The paper towel after sipping unexpectedly is good-looking rose pink ~ and the original color is completely different!

Dior the advantage of this lipstick : moisturizing! Cover your lips! Color! Lip glaze gloss!

Tell me about the shortcomings : the paste is very soft … Summer is afraid of the ~ lasting degree to be strengthened. Tissue will soon be sipped off, but there will be dyeing to leave the color ~

Summary : 744 more vitality ~ suitable for spring and summer! 740 more stable ~ suitable for autumn and winter! So. Don’t make me this Libra recommend one of the two, ha! Late selection disorder!

Dior 740 for yellow skin

Dior varnish smooth lip glaze 740club is the first choice of white yellow leather

Thin coating and thick coating test, are very good-looking, after all, so fire is not unreasonable! Thick coating is a very full maple leaf red, thin coated with a little pumpkin color flavor, feel spring, summer, autumn and winter can use one, very 100. Fried chicken is white, texture is very moisturizing, gloss is also very good, after all solid lip glaze, and will not stick to the hair this point is very good. However, it should be noted that summer must not be dead to take her out of the door, she will come back you do not know her, especially easy to melt a lipstick, must ice her up

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