Dior changed the spokesperson again, and she won as a man? Net friend: stronger than Yang Ying!

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Will Dior change her face again, and she will be the winner as a man? Net friend: stronger than Yang Ying!

Endorsements have always been the focus of competition among stars. After all, endorsements are the easiest way to make money, and Dior’s competition has always been very fierce. For example, the competition between Liu Yifei and Yang Ying, when Dior first arrived, was intended to be in Liu Yifei. Ni Ni, Yang Ying chose one of the three, and in the end, the authorities finalized Liu Yifei, but the fun thing came.

After the successful endorsement, Liu Yifei was blocked. Even when he was connected, he could not be found out on Weibo. Obviously, he had been rounded up.

And after Liu Yifei, the people who spoke for Dior were replaced by Yang Ying, the winner, ah, the studio posted congratulations, the fans posted it frantically, and the whole web became known, and the temperament was judged by the netizens.

Later, the most famous ones were Yang Ying and Zhao Liying’s Dior dispute. After Zhao Liying became famous, there were a lot of endorsements, and Dior naturally wanted to cooperate with Zhao Liying, but I didn’t think that after being promoted by officials, A variety of Zhao Liying Yang Ying’s comparative picture came out, while praise Yang Ying good temperament, while desperately diss Zhao Liying local, and Dior do not agree, um & # 8230; & # 8230;

And recently, Dior is about to change the spokesman! This time, Chen Yao, a newcomer, starring in the Republic of China fantasy network drama “the unintentional Master,” has made his mark with Yue Qiluo, and won the Best supporting Actress Award for the “Golden Bone Doll” online drama, which is true to the truth. A lot of people see that the unintentional magician is surrounded by Chen Yao.

In the second season, Chen Yao’s dress as a man was really very similar. For this role, Chen Yao cut her hair short, which can be said to be a considerable effort, but the result was also worth it. A lot of girls read it and were bent by Chen Yao.

And Chen Yao’s temperament is also quite good, if can win Dior, must also be quite good, at least than Yang Ying, ah, how do netizens think, Dior again change spokesperson, dressed as a woman she becomes a winner? Net friend: stronger than Yang Ying!

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