Charlize Sellon (CharlizeTheron) Dior (Dior) blockbuster, with a touch of golden fragrance to explain what is the true woman!

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Charlize Theron (CharlizeTheron) deductive Dior (Dior) blockbuster

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When it comes to women, you may think of sexy, charming, elegant, intellectual … What about my woman? With a head proud of the image, full of vitality, memorable; believe in its own, as confident as the best self; have an independent personality, put their own judgment in front of the eyes of others.! These qualities, hidden in the soul, are the best endorsement of a woman.

To Charlize CharlizeTheron , who is also the woman of the true self, she is a visionary thinker who, relying on the qualities of independence and self-confidence, is truly doing what she likes, even if the perfume is three thousand. I love the golden DiorJ' Adore 。

To ask Dior (Dior) true self fragrance the beloved mystery, perhaps from the best extract of the fragrance, just one drop, immediately dripping the release of sensory pleasure. Now, she has become the best embodiment of feminine temperament, interpreting the true woman’s meaning, that is, Dior (Dior) women have been showing independence and self-confidence.

Picture from brand diagram

Charlize Theron (CharlizeTheron) Dior (Dior) blockbuster

Extended Picture Reading: Dior Charlize Theron

Dior (Dior) chief tuner FranoisDemachy believes that Dior’s true self fragrance is not only the embodiment of women, but also the representative of aesthetics. Like every woman’s independence and confidence, the subtle differences between spices can create a very expressive fragrance, Dior pure fragrance was born from this inspiration.

This brand new fragrance is wild and fruity, with a combination of orange and rose flavours, and an ingenious display of wine and sweet flesh. The aroma of the mixture of Sabasmine and Grass-jasmine was stronger than the simple superposition of the two. Then, the rich rose essential oil sparks with the new scent of orange trees, sending out sweet aroma; the pure fragrance of magnolia brings a touch of freshness, giving it a fresh feeling of freshness.

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Dior (Dior) fragrance blockbuster

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Once innumerable and often reinterpreted by artists, the true self perfume bottle has quietly changed through the birth of Dior (Dior) True self fragrance, breaking through the gold decoration and showing a new sexy style. To appeal to the true self of independence and confidence.

Picture from brand diagram

Dior (Dior) blockbuster

Extended Picture Reading: Dior Charlize Theron

New fragrance bottle interpretation of the word “I” is also Dior (Dior) I perfume, the bottle body retains the clarity of shining beauty such as gold, a new wave curve to make the neck of the bottle more sexy, The water drop design at the bottom of the bottle pushes the beauty of the fragrance bottle to the extreme, just as even independent and confident women have different sexiness and softness.

Like a bouquet of stunning fragrant flowers, will have their own characteristics of flowers into one. Comorian Yilan’s essence is full of joy and joy; Turkish treasure Damascus rose is sexy and full of fragrance; Indian Sabah Jasmine has a touch of orange fragrance to play up the seductive aftertaste. An unprecedented flower fragrance melts, with a seductive force to wrap you.

Dior (Dior) True self Series Perfume

Charlize CharlizeTheron, the golden woman of the true self, is turning into a representative of independence and confidence, heading to a world of pure beauty and elegance and sensuality. Now, you can also wear the fragrance of Dior’s true family, stand side by side with her in a variety of styles, with a J & amp; #x27 adore. show a brand new true self.

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