Chanel, Gucci, Dior, whose white bag is the most delicate?

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Some people say that black is born with a sense of fashion. When it comes to black, there are words such as “slim”, “classic”, “advanced” and “Bella” that match it.

But without supermodel figure and courage, a AllBlack thrown in the crowd can not be found.

When everyone is touting the fashion color, the foreign sister just wants to say: white is the warmest color in autumn and winter.

White as a “color plate can not be mixed” color, summer wear its own fresh temperament, winter wear let people feel warm and lazy , can make good white people, is definitely a true goddess of the true!

But it’s true that the AllWhite match is a little bit more stylish about body size and skin color. In particular, the weather is cool, white seems to be entered into the cold palace.

So today we don’t talk about collocation, just talk about the “strong” white bags that let people see the way to go !

However, white bag is more delicate and afraid of dirty, but so obvious temperament of the bag, now do not buy when to buy? When do you carry it in autumn and winter?

Delvaux, a Belgian brand that is a year older than the country, has always been a low-key luxury brand.

His white bag really makes people can’t stop!

This Tempete from the leather of the bag to the handle, the hardware is all white, itself enough to have a temperament bag with white, there is a modern sense, small is a concave shape of artifact!

Look a lot more low-key than Herm รจ s, holding it in hand is also very good, with jeans skirt all can be very good control, plus a bag hang can also add a little color to a look ~

As Delvaux’s hottest bag, the Brillant was designed by the brand in partnership with PauleGoethals, a well-known architect. The design of the D-type hoof on the bag has become one of the most representative works of his family.

Brilliant was born in 1958 and is now 60 years old! The white Brilliant is as large as eight sizes, but it’s hard to get the color now.

There is also this kind of seams is actually one of the very good options, compared to the inside seams a bit more street sense, but also better to control a few.

This year is a vagrant bag year, everywhere you can see the back of the vagrant package of fairies. Although there are so many colors to choose from, I fell in love with this Chanel classic soft white.

This is a bit more “lady” than most leather models because the twill design and the cool energy of the stray bag are better suited for autumn and winter .

Naza took a plain white section of the whole skin, very in line with her temperament.

The FlapBackpack, from Chanel2018 in the spring and summer, only showed a small side on the show, but my eyes were so sharp that I was recommended at a glance.

This bag has a high level of design and utility, and most importantly, it will not become obsolete because of the outdated pvc material. The design is still very classic.

Chanel has had a lot of backpack styles in recent seasons, both online and practical.

Do you rarely think of Valentino’s bags? This small sheepskin handbag foreign sister wants to buy for a long time, his classic rivet design with rhombus pattern, the whole bag are bulging, very cute.

VLTN used to be the acronym for the Valentino brand, but later the logo was no longer used by the brand, and the logo was rarely seen on the market.

Now designers are finally getting it back, and other bags are starting to use the letter logo, which has become a lot more diverse.

GIGI took a white SpikeBag, that looked a bit like Candystud, but it was more practical.

DiorTote has also recently had a high fever, with the Icon carrying the old flowers with their names embroidered. What I recommend is a full-skin Tote.

The whole bag has no old flowers, and the logo part of the design is downplayed, but the French slogan adds a vintage elegance to the stylish tote. It’s almost hard to bump into a bag in your hand!

There are four great roles in the package world: Hermes, Moynat, and Delvaux, the other is Valextra. Keep a low profile of the top luxury brand style: whatever you do to attract young consumers across the border, I’ll make my bag.

The Isid, named after the goddess Isis, is synonymous with grace. And the design of this package is also very simple, the lines are simple and smooth, at a glance can not find logo, but let people look at it to remember this is the Valextra.

Then came the new Toothpaste series, which added a lot of different handles to the Iside, making the whole package a lot more interesting.

This year is the 10th year of Peekaboo launch, Fendi also specially planned the second chapter of the MeAndMyPeekaboo project.

Come back to this hide and seek bag! The foreign sister wants to recommend everybody this knitting section peekaboo is recommended by the pig sister-in-law Zhou Yangqing.

Small sheepskin material feel and luster are very good, the weaving around than the ordinary style to appear a lot of stereo, but also let peekaboo more design sense ~ is 16 years of design, but now it is very good to see collocation!

This bucket bag is very sweet part of the handle can be adjusted, considerable concave styling is also very convenient ~ compared with Gucci’s most classic Marmont chain bag, a lot of features, very cool for cool girls!

Although white bags are more difficult to take care of than other bags, dirty will be very painful, but in the face of these on the back on the temperament doubled, clean and advanced white, foreign sister or can not help chopping hands.

What nice white bags did the Hanis buy? Quick comment section recommend each other ~

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