Big brand lipstick “retro color”, Dior 999 can be called classic, but the United States is not the Armani 400!

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Lipstick and sexy are inextricably linked. Speaking of sexy, I think of retro red. Retro red color atmosphere, elegant and sexy. Thin retro red, there is a taste of literature and art, thick retro red is sexy and has an air. The retro color is even more fashionable and has never been out of date. Here are some classic retro colors recommended by Xiaobian.

Armani Red Tube # 400

This labial glaze is a very rich retro red with a smooth texture and a high durability. The thin coat has a bit of a rose tone, but not the purple thick coat is a bit blues, and the lip bite is also very good looking. It has just been smeared with water and moisturized. After a while, it will become completely matte, and the air field will be completely open. Queen! Show white air field, super cool. And the lip glaze color is very high, starting with the fairy must be based on their makeup needs to decide whether thick or thin coating.

TF Keyboard 07

This lipstick is colder red, very similar to the MAC’s RubyWoo color, but a little more red for the MAC, and the TF has a little orange on top of it. Color holding is very good, 6 hours do not take off makeup, texture smooth moisturizing, and will not dry skin at all. The yellow fairy is also very suitable, especially white.


This lipstick is a classic reddish, neither rose nor orange. The texture is matte but also very moist, and the color saturation is excellent. Thin and thick coating are particularly air color, thick gas field is very strong, thin coating is a very daily color. Even the thin white color is also very white. The antiquated tone is very obvious, the parity is easy to use, the color is between the bean sand color and the brick red, the texture is matte, very gentle, easy concave retro modelling.


The color of this lipstick is a retro brown tone of brick red, retro and white, thin application suitable for lip makeup, thick paint is very obvious brick-red antiquated tone. The texture is still moisturizing compared to RubyWoo, but it may be slightly dry for extremely dry lips, as long as the upper lip is directly covered by lipstick, good coloring, and covering lip lines effectively. And the fairies with deep lips don’t have to worry.

Chanel matte velvet lipstick # 63

This lipstick is a cold tone wine red, in the red with a little wine red and deep brown. Although it is matte texture, but the upper lip is more moisturizing and dry, color saturation is very high. Thick coating shows the air field, velvet texture is more advanced, thin coating is a bit darker color of bean sand is very white, brown tone of the retro red, painted on a unique feminine flavor.

ysl fine square lipstick 9

This one is the red tone of the retro deep red, is the classic and charming retro red. The packaging is also very good, is the consistent Saint Laurent black gold color. Matte texture, but also with a hint of fragrance, smear is very smooth, the color is very durable, super color, has not yet dyed lip effect, also relatively easy to unload. Cream paste is mousse shape, more suitable for autumn and winter.

The retro color has always been the goddess color in the girls’ hearts, the thin painted goddess, the thick painted queen. Can give people a completely different feeling of the two extremes, can also a person’s temperament completely changed, you fairies can try, absolutely give you a different surprise!

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