Gu Introduction: 15815961111 (add the same WeChat) Liverpool revealed on Thursday night that striker Shadiowani had reached an agreement to extend his contract, and ESPN quoted sources as saying that Winnie had renewed his contract with the Reds for five years to 2023. According to reports, Liji and Shadiovanni representatives began this summer in negotiations… (0 comment)

Blake Lively was born August 25, 1987 in Tashina, California, USA actress. (image from Oriental IC) In the 2012 film Barbarian, Black Lively married Ryan Reynolds on September 9. In the 2016 film “the Shoal.” (image from Oriental IC) Ryan RyanReynolds was born October 23, 1976 in Vancouver, Canada, Canadian actor. In Wolverine, play the… (0 comment)

DIOR Dior with the new makeup products appear in Chengdu, China, DIORBACKSTAGE background makeup launch party ceremoniously. “strong” DIOR Dior makeup creative and image director of PeterPhilips and DIORBACKSTAGE series of commercial blockbuster female protagonists-international supermodel Wang Quyou personally to the scene. DIOR Dior fragrance ambassador Yang Caiyu famous actor Wang Luodan famous actor Huo… (0 comment)

“imgsrc=””alt=” Zhao Liying fashion new drama silly white sweet: want to be Chinese “Dior”! Monday: you don’t insult Dior “ / > Recently, Zhao Liying and Jin Han’s urban commercial war drama “you and me” is on the air, in which Zhao Liying plays Lin shallow, a talented and powerful new designer who graduated… (0 comment)