Some people say that black is born with a sense of fashion. When it comes to black, there are words such as “slim”, “classic”, “advanced” and “Bella” that match it. But without supermodel figure and courage, a AllBlack thrown in the crowd can not be found. When everyone is touting the fashion color, the foreign… (0 comment)

@ NikeBasketball announced three new sign-up spokesmen, and Jane proudly ( Uzi) became the first player to be signed by Nike in the field of global e-sports. Nike ‘s key word for Jane’s pride is “ Carry”, which means he and the e-sports industry he represents are increasingly influential. He is a professional contestant from… (0 comment)

The world doesn’t need two identical valentino. FASHION At Paris Fashion week, the Dior is very eye-catching because it’s the first show since new designer MariaGraziaChiuri took over. MariaGraziaChiuri draws attention to rookie Before RafSioms decided to leave Dior, without a new candidate, I secretly hoped that OlivierTheyskens would take over. OlivierTheyskens ‘s work, no… (0 comment)